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The Micronesian Shark Foundation, a Palauan based non-government organization, was established to facilitate the study of sharks both in Palau and throughout Micronesia. The Foundation, with limited funds and resources, was formed through the hard work and dedication of its founders.

Support from the government of Palau, especially from Koror State who has taken the lead in conservation management and protection, has been received from the start. The study of the sharks in Palau was initiated by the Micronesian Shark Foundation which formed a partnership with AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Science), SOSF (Save Our Seas Foundation) who contributed to the shark research and The National Geographic Society, which contributed its advanced Crittercam technology to the project, under the guidance of Greg Marshall, executive producer.

Fish ‘n Fins, the first dive shop in Palau, has been supporting the foundation by contributing boats and fuel, equipment, staff, office support and a base center for the foundation. Throughout its years in business, Fish ‘n Fins has been involved in many local community activities and has hosted various workshops for environmental purposes.

Objectives & Goals

  • To conduct long-term shark research and study to assist shark protection and environmental awareness in Micronesia and Palau.
  • To establish a long term program for shark research and study in Palau.
  • To create and assist similar foundations in other parts of Micronesia.
  • To develop scientific tools to protect the prime dive sites of Palau.
  • To reduce the threats to Palau's shark population through the Foundation’s research.
  • To make Palau synonymous with Shark Study, Shark Protection and Environmental awareness.

Plans for the Future

Future plans of the Micronesian Shark Foundation are:

  • To continue shark research and studies in Palau.
  • To tag sharks and log their movements to determine the range of the shark’s habitat in Palau and to record the frequency of their visits to each area.
  • To continue involving the local community in Foundation activities. Local community is attending the evening seminars during Shark Week Palau, including high schools and The Palau Community College.
  • To share the data collected by the Foundation with local agencies and government.
  • To expand the area covered by the Foundation’s research.
  • To research for DNA resemblance with neighboring islands to study migration patterns.
  • To secure funds to continue research and study.

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Latest news

Shark Week 2011 is scheduled for March 19-26, 2011. Contact us if you would like more information on the 2011 Shark Week program or if you would like to register for the event.

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