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Tova Harel Bornovski   Founder Tova Harel Bornovski was born and raised in Israel spending much of her childhood years travelling with her family. She spent five years sailing the open ocean with her husband and family until they arriving in Palau where she has remained every since. In Palau, Tova has focused her time as a chef, nature guide, journalist and businesswoman.
Navot Bornovski   Before settling in Palau, founder Navot Bornovski, born in Israel, spent many years as an open water sailor. He is a captain, pilot, dive instructor, sky diver, mechanical engineer, ship engineer and businessman.
Kenneth Johnny   Founder Kenneth Johnny was born and raised in Palau and has been captaining the Ocean Hunter I, II and III since liveaboard operations began. Kenneth is also a dive instructor and as a Palauan is intimately immersed in traditional Palauan culture.
Francis Toribiong   Board member Troy Ngiraikelau was born and raised in Palau. As captain of Ocean Hunter 1 liveaboard, Troy monitor and protect the shark population on a daily base.
Yarden Bornovski   Board member Yarden Bornovski was born in Israel. At the very young age of 5, she sailed from Florida to Palau where she has remained for most of her life. Yarden is a dive instructor and will be graduating from college in 2010 with a major in biology.
Yarden Bornovski  

Board member Jacky Brabon lives in Palau since 2003. Jacky is a PADI dive instructor who dedicated her life to educate divers and kids about ocean environment and shark protection. Jacky is a certified accountant and she assisting with the financial aspect of the foundation.

Dr Mark Meekan   Lead Scientist Dr. Mark Meekan is a fish biologist with research interests that fall within the broad topics of the ecology of larval reef fishes and elasmobranchs. Meekan was awarded a PhD from Griffith University, Australia in 1992 and his post-doctoral fellow at Laval University, Quebec, Canada in1996. He began work at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) as a research chief scientist since 1996.

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