History of the Micronesia Shark Foundation Palau


  Tova Harel and Navot Bornovski owners of Fish ‘n Fins dive shop, Ocean Hunter I and Ocean Hunter II liveaboards and Kenneth Johnny founded the Micronesian Shark Foundation in order to start long-term shark research and study in Palau.


  The Foundation contacted Professor Phil Lobel, shark expert from Boston University. In February, Lobel travelled to Palau to initiate the program by tagging sharks and deploying loggers. In September, loggers were retrieved from sites and data was analyzed.

The Foundation and President Tommy Remengesau Jr. hosted the first annual Shark Week Palau event held in March 2003. National Geographic joined the project. Lectures were open to the public.



  The 2nd annual Shark Week Palau was held in February. Divers and participants from seven countries participated in the event. Lectures and activities were open to the public. David Doubilet from national Geographic magazine presented a seminar on sharks using shark photography.

In March, Lobel and National Geographic photographer Greg Marshall conducted Critter Cam research in Palau for the first time. Loggers and tags were deployed.

In September, Lobel retrieved loggers from sites and data was analyzed. Professor Lobel writes first scientific document analysizing results of the study.



  The 3rd annual Shark Week Palau with Greg Marshall & Professor Lobel was hosted in Palau in April. Divers from 11 countries (USA, Holland, Russia, Germany, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, UK, Israel and Palau) participated. Lectures and activities were open to the public.

In November, loggers were retrieved from sites and data was analyzed. MSF and Lobel present their progress to the Coral Reef Task Force.





















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