Shark Photo ID Program

Below is a small sampling of sharks identified by Micronesian Shark Foundation during its research identification program.


Male Grey Reef Shark

A male with a clipped dorsal fin identified as a Grey Reef male (you can see the claspers). Spotted on numerous dives at German Channel during the months of August to October and then disappeared . This male was given the name Clippy (for its clipped fin). MSF is looking forward to seeing if this individual will return next year to the same site and around the same time frame. We could also look into trying to locate this individual in other sites and maybe throughout the region.


Female White Tip Shark

A very pregnant white tip female sighted at Blue Corner. MSF is looking for the aggregation site of where the pups are born. Also trying to identify this female in other sites through the spots and coloring cover of the white on the dorsal fin. MSF will search for this female next year same time frame trying to match the white patch on its dorsal fin.


Juvenile Aggregation of Grey Reef Sharks

Juvenile aggregation of grey reef sharks. Similar aggregations are sighted during the months of February to June at Short Drop Off. This ID photo is for recording only as more photos are needed. At its peak count, over 70 baby sharks were counted. Lovely sight!


Black Tip Sharks

The pattern of black and white coloring on Black tip sharks for ID purposes. MSF is looking into creating a special program that could identify sharks by their dorsal fin patterns.

The Foundation maintains a library with thousands of photographs. These images will provide a base for current and future research.

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