Shark & Palau

Palau is at a crossroads in its development. Should business continue as usual...allowing the overfishing of once pristine reefs and turning a blind eye to illegal shark finning? Or, will Palau take the necessary steps to prevent the depletion of its marine ecosystem and protect it for future generations?

If Palau stays its previous course, this is what we know:

  • Income to Palau from fishing vessels is unclear.
  • Shark stocks will diminish. After 2-3 years, sharks will begin to disappear.
  • Reefs will be affected.
  • Fish stocks will be affected.
  • And, income to Palau from this source will halt.

If, on the other hand, Palau takes the necessary steps to preserve its shark populations, this is what we can expect to happen:

  • Shark populations in Palau will remain healthy.
  • Shark tourism will flourish.
  • Reefs will be healthy.
  • And, income will continue to flow into the economy.

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