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The Save Our Seas Foundation has grown to become a major player in the fight to save the world’s oceans and the wealth of marine life they contain. During that time the SOSF has provided financial and, equally important, practical assistance to over 150 marine research and conservation projects spread around the world

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) generates and transfers knowledge to support the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment through innovative, world class scientific and technological research.

The PEW Environment Group is a major force in educating the public and policy makers about the causes, consequences and solutions to environmental problems. PEW applies a range of tools in pursuit of practical, meaningful solutions—including applied science, public education, sophisticated media and communications, and policy advocacy.

Shark Alliance is a global, not-for-profit coalition of non-governmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving shark conservation policies.

Sharkproject is a volunteer organization fighting against the destruction of the seas and the extermination of sharks. Their founding motto is "All of the money for the animals, only what is absolutely necessary for administration."

The Guy Harvey Institute (GHRI) conducts high quality, solution-oriented basic and applied scientific research needed for effective conservation, biodiversity maintenance, restoration, and understanding of the world's wild fishes. The GHRI also provides advanced scientific training to US and international students who will serve as future stewards of the health of our oceans.

Ocean Geographic Society encourages deeper appreciation of the beauty and the fragility of our ocean planet with the use of the finest imageries and passionate essays of the sea. The voice of the society, Ocean Geographic almanac endeavours to inspire the world citizen to greater awareness of the urgency to conserve and preserve our natural world both above and below.

Koror State Government

Aqua Lung Pacific Aqua Lung introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago and is the worldwide leader in SCUBA diving equipment.

The Palau Conservation Society works to protect Palau's natural resources.

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Your generous donations to the Micronesian Shark Foundation will have a direct impact on the future of the shark, the ecosystem that is vital to its survival and the survival of the people that depend on it.

Help us raise awareness of the value of the shark to the ecosystem and the communities that revolve around it.

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